Car Charger Installation

Choosing an electric car is a step closer to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here at Nightingale Energy, as well as our solar panel installation and maintenance services, we also supply car chargers for homes and businesses across the North West.

Whether you have a solar panel installation on your property or not, our team of energy specialists can install compact, weatherproof car charging ports that will either connect to your mains supply or your solar inverter, enabling you to charge your car in the security of your own home.

Please get in touch today to start discussing your electric car charger installation service. Our team will talk you through your options and begin the process.

Installing Electric Car Chargers in Bolton

At Nightingale Energy, we are dedicated to providing a range of solutions to help our clients live more eco-conscious lifestyles and an electric car is an ever-growing popular switch to make.

On the day of your car charger installation, our team will arrive at your property, offering advice when choosing the best position for your charger based on how you park your car and your power supply.

Your electric car charging port will then be set in position, the power will be briefly switched off and your new charger will be connected to your power supply. Our car charger installations are suitable for both mains supply and solar-generated power.

We’ll carry out all of the necessary safety checks and tests to make sure the electric car charger is ready to use.  

 Power Your Car Charger with Solar
As electric cars become more widely used, the demand for power from the national grid will increase.

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your dependency on the grid and live even more self-sufficiency, please check-out our solar panel installation services we provide across the North West.

Our car charging ports can run off both mains power or solar-generated electricity – our team are more than happy to discuss your options with you, should you wish to combine a number of our services.

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