Battery Storage

Here at Nightingale Energy, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the full package when it comes to solar panel installation services in the North West. As well as fitting your new panels, we also provide expert solutions for your solar battery storage.

Your solar panel battery is what captures the electricity for it to be used at a later time – for example, your solar battery will store the power that your solar panels collect during the day for you to use at night.

Using a solar panel battery will help you maximise the amount of renewable energy that you can use, making it a great option if you are trying to live more eco-consciously.

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Why Choose Solar Battery Storage?

·         Make the most of your power

If your solar panel generates an excess of power, a battery storage system will save that power for a time that you need to use it. On cloudier days where your solar panels don’t generate as much, you can use some of the saved energy from your battery storage.

·         Reliable energy supply

With a solar energy system and battery storage, you won’t need to rely on the sometimes-unstable national grid. When the grid goes down, you’ll have your stored power available to use.

·         Reduce your home’s carbon footprint

A battery storage system will bring you closer to self-sufficiency and allow you to rely less on fossil fuels which cause much more pollution than renewable solar energy.

·         Reduced electric bills

One of the main benefits that draws customers to choosing a home battery storage system is the reduction they may see in their electricity bills. Your solar panels will generate power to store in your home battery which will back up your home’s energy supply, meaning you don’t have to fully rely on your provider.

Solar Energy Services in Bolton, Wigan and Surrounding Areas

Our team of solar energy experts in the North West are on hand to offer specialist advice and guidance when it comes to choosing the best solar battery storage to suit your home’s needs.

Whether you’re completely new to solar energy, or you’re looking for a solution to back up your current panels, at Nightingale Energy we can supply battery storage systems for clients across the North West.

With many years of experience in the solar energy trade, you can trust our team to provide our services to the best possible standard and that conform to all industry guidelines.

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