Solar Panel
Pest Control

The solar panels on your roof are expertly placed in order to capture sunlight to generate a supply of energy for your home or business.

Unfortunately, they also provide the perfect nesting environment for pests, particularly pigeons.

Not only can this be a nuisance in terms of noise, smell and general annoyance, they can also cause damage to your solar panel installation which may lead to them not working to their full potential.

The team at Nightingale Energy are on hand to provide pest removal and pest proofing services for your solar panels, operating across the North West to ensure all of our clients’ renewable energy systems are clean and fully functioning.

If you’ve noticed pest activity around your solar panels, please get in touch today.

Pest Proofing for Solar Panels in Bolton

We offer a variety of bird proofing solutions for solar panelling to help prevent any pests impacting your solar panel installation’s efficiency.

Our effective solar panel pest proofing will help protect important wiring and components and avoid birds being able to nest in or around your panels.

The benefits of pest proofing at the time of your solar panel installation include:

·         Save you time and cost as no additional maintenance will be required as a result of birds

·         Even more additional savings as our team can utilise the high access equipment already in place

If you already have solar panels and are looking for a way to keep the birds away, more benefits of choosing our pest control include:

·         Pest proofing is virtually invisible from the ground, so won’t be an eyesore on your property

·         Won’t cause any damage to your roof or solar panels

·         Can be easily removed for access for any servicing that may be required in the future

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Whether you’ve noticed birds nesting in your current solar panels, or we are providing your solar panel installation and you want pest proofing from the get-go, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

We provide solar panel maintenance services in Bolton, Wigan and surrounding areas in the North West.

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