Solar Panel Maintenance and Servicing

Our North West solar panel installations are very easy to look after, but should you notice something that is not quite right, we are here to help.

At Nightingale Energy, our talented team are dedicated to providing a full range of solar panel services, from installation through to any repairs that you require further down the line.

We want our clients to get the most out of their renewable energy system which will work to save them money on their energy bills and help them live more eco-consciously.

We offer the following services:

·         General maintenance

·         Annual servicing to ensure your solar panels are functioning as they should

·         Pest proofing

·         Solar panel repairs

If you’ve noticed something not quite right with your solar panels or you need a team of professionals to check on the general upkeep of your system, please give Nightingale Energy a
call today.

Offering Solar Panel Repairs Throughout the North West

Our team of solar panel specialists in Bolton are fully trained and qualified for providing a range of solar panel repairs across the region.

Whether pigeons have pulled some wires loose or you suspect your solar panel installation is not working as well as it should be, our team will source the problem and offer an efficient solution.

We recommend and annual solar panel service to ensure your system is fully functioning and that any potential issues can be spotted before they develop into anything more serious.

 Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are generally very low maintenance, but there are a few things that can be done to make sure they are working to full capacity.

We offer solar panel maintenance services such as cleaning, inverter checks, potential danger (such as overhanging branches) removal and any other more general work to help elongate the life of your solar panels and to make sure they are working at their max potential for as long as possible.

 Get in Touch to Book Your Service

You can rely on Nightingale Energy to provide solar panel maintenance and repairs that you can trust. We are NICEIC approved contractors and MCS approved – we carry out full safety inspections and tests to ensure the works completed are safe and completed to the best standard.

To find out more about solar panel servicing in Bolton and surrounding areas, please call 01204 325177, or use our online contact form to leave us a message.